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Marlowe Burger to End Its Meaty Reign in SoMa This Friday

Although, you’ll still be able to get the burger at Marlowe, Park Tavern and The Cavalier.

Marlowe Burger
Marlowe Burger
Patricia Chang

All good things must come to an end, we suppose, and so must Marlowe Burger. The fast casual burger joint, which opened in April, is undergoing a redesign as a private event space called Marlowe @330 Townsend.

According to co-owner Anna Weinberg, they’re making the switch for profit reasons. "We started using it as a private event space at night and quite honestly the demand was really good for the private event space and the parties were honestly a lot more profitable," she told us.

Marlowe Burger was always intended as a temporary thing, but once the parties started generating more profit, they decided to make the switch full-time. "We just didn’t see any reason to run it out to the end of the year with Christmas coming up," Weinberg said. "It’s a great event space. We’ve had fun parties. It feels better as a party room, and it’s more in our wheelhouse."

Big Night Restaurant Group (Marlowe, Park Tavern, The Cavalier) classics will be on the menu, like the warm deviled egg, Anson Mills polenta and poulet "vert," plus some new bistro-style dishes. And — guess what — a Marlowe burger party will also be an option. The space holds 40 people seated and 60 standing.

This is the third concept in the space from Big Night, which originally opened Marlowe there, before having to relocate after the building was set to be destroyed. Then, after a big "J/K" and construction delay from the landlord, they kept the space and turned it into Marlowe Burger.

Marlowe Burger

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