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Is Pascal Rigo Reopening La Boulange in SF?

We've got our eye on you, Pascal Rigo.

Union Street Shop

After a June announcement that Starbucks was shutting down all 23 Bay Area La Boulange locations (15 of which are located in San Francisco), the city has collectively been pre-mourning the loss of massive lattes and go-to cafe standards. However, it turns out our grief may have been a bit premature. In an eleventh-hour development, we've been hearing from various tipsters for the last few days (and as Hoodline recently reported) that founder Pascal Rigo may be swooping in to the rescue.

One tipster joyously told us she heard from employees at the Fillmore location that Rigo will reopen six locations (the original on Pine, Fillmore, Cole, Hayes, Polk and Union). Another heard the number to reopen is seven. A Cole Valley employee reiterated that in a Facebook post, writing that though there's no timeline, the Cole Valley location is on that roster. All of them heard that the stores will reopen under a new name and with a new menu.

Rigo, though, is remaining tight-lipped on the issue, telling Hoodline "it’s too early to say" what exactly is going on. But Starbucks confirmed to us that something, indeed, is going on, saying that it "is in discussion with interested parties to transfer the leases for some retail locations currently occupied by La Boulange cafés in San Francisco," but that they had "no additional details to share at this time."

Trust us, La Boulange lovers, we are all over this one and will confirm as soon as we hear what exactly the situation is. As always, if you have details to share, send them our way here.