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Bubble Lounge to Reopen as Barbarossa, Complete with Barbary Coast Theme

There will still be plenty of champagne, but also a lot more beer.

Exterior of The Bubble Lounge
Exterior of The Bubble Lounge
Kevin Y./Yelp

After 17 years of bottle service and bachelorette parties, Bubble Lounge closed its doors for good in May. However, as Hoodline reports, the space will re-open in mid-October, but this time as Barbarossa, a lounge with a Barbary Coast theme.

The name pays homage to Hayreddin Barbarossa, a Barbary pirate on northern Africa's Barbary Coast who did some major plundering over the course of his career. Sailors in the 1860s adopted the Barbary Coast moniker for San Francisco's red-light district, a neigborhood known for prostitution and your average everyday Gold Rush lawlessness. Barbarossa co-owner Eric Benn tells Hoodline the name is "embracing the history of the neighborhood and the early stages of San Francisco's development," all of which is made even cooler once you learn that the lot used to be home to a prison. (They found shackles when remodeling, which Benn says will be part of the theme.)

The layout of the 6,000-square-foot space won't change much, but there will be a larger bar in front and a smaller bar in the back, one of which will be dubbed "The Bubble Lounge at Barbarossa." Which means there will still be a Champagne list, it'll just be pared down slightly. There will also be more (and better) beers, specialty cocktails, and a few more food options. But, Benn says, "It's not going to be a restaurant. We're going to be focusing a lot on happy hour."

The dress code will also get a remodel, though there aren't specifics yet other than that it will be more relaxed. And ywa, there will still be dancing on the weekends.


714 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA