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Campaign Trail Mix: Hillary Clinton Shakes Hands at Munchery

The presidential hopeful's here for some fundraisers, and maybe some food.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

This just in: Hillary Clinton is in the Bay Area and she's hungry. The presidential hopeful was spotted at the headquarters of food delivery start-up Munchery today, where a tipster tells us cops and earpieced-suits were swarming.

Very excited to have @hillaryclinton in the office today! #Munchery #Hillaryclinton

A photo posted by Rei-Ling Dulebohn (@rei_ling) on

Is she courting techies? Did she get lost on her way to Chipotle? Did no one tell her that Munchery usually brings the food to you? Only time will tell.

According to ABC News, Clinton's in town for two fundraisers before heading to Los Angeles. No indication where else she'll pop up (maybe a repeat visit to Zuni?), but if you see her drop us a line here.