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Indian Paradox, an Indian Street Food and Wine Bar, Hitting Lower Haight Later This Year

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It's a pop-up turned permanent project from Kavitha Raghavan.

Where Indian Paradox will be on Divisadero Street.
Where Indian Paradox will be on Divisadero Street.
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Indian Paradox has held several pop-up events recently, and now the concept is becoming a permanent location in Lower Haight. Kavitha Raghavan, a certified sommelier, is combining her love of wine and Indian street food for a restaurant that pairs the two (hence, the paradox), Tablehopper reported. Moving into the old King Street Subs spot at 258 Divisadero Street, Indian Paradox will serve dishes like churmur (crunchy, sweet-and-sour chickpeas and potatoes) and sundal (coconut chickpea salad) that aren't often thought of as pairing with wine. "It's difficult to pair the nuanced spices in Indian food with the nuanced depth of wine. I'm very passionate about wine and Indian street food, so I thought, 'This is just wrong,'" Raghavan told Eater. "I have evidence they taste great together. I've gotten some great feedback doing my pop-ups, so now I'm ready to take it to the next level."

Raghavan wants the space to be a neighborhood spot and continue that paradoxical vibe, with the "casual, Bollywood, loud, vibrant nature of street food with the elite, subtle nature of how you would consume wine," inspiring the decor and interior design. The end result should have counter seats, tables and high tables. Raghavan is aiming for an early December opening; stay tuned for more updates as she develops the space.