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The Keystone

Just two weeks after its opening, Zack Freitas has left The Keystone. If you ask The Keystone, they say it was a "mutual decision," according to general manager Aric Sandoval, who will be overseeing kitchen operations moving forward and declined to provide further details. Freitas, though, has a different version of the story. "They eliminated my position," he told Eater. "When I took this job, I thought it was going to be a permanent thing, but I kind of get the feeling now that I was more there just for the transition from Annabelle's to The Keystone and to ensure the place was staffed and had a menu. We had recipe cards made, prep lists and all the systems were put in place. Then two weeks into it they just kind of pulled the plug and gave me a letter telling me I was laid off because they were hiring a kitchen manager and no longer required a chef. It was very abrupt." Furthermore, Freitas called the timing a "shady business move" as it ensured that his recruiter would also not get paid her commission since Freitas left before a certain time period. This isn't Freitas' first sudden departure from a restaurant, as he left Game after just three months. He is currently on the hunt for his next move, and Sandoval said The Keystone isn't "rushing into anything right now, but we're going to look for the right person who wants to stay there for a long time."

Over at The Dorian, executive chef Jason Saunders has parted ways with the restaurant before the doors even opened. The Dorian reassures Eater that Saunders has been working very closely with executive chef Chris Ricketts and will “be stepping up to take on an even bigger leadership role.” Ricketts, who is currently the chef at Union Street’s Palm House, was very influential in the concept development of The Dorian’s menu and was overseeing kitchen operations from the beginning. His team at the Palm House will help run things there while he devotes his time to getting The Dorian up and running. The Dorian is tentatively scheduled to open the week after next.

And in news that’s sure to make people simultaneously happy and sad, Insider Scoop reports that Robin Song is leaving Hog & Rocks at the end of the month to focus on finding a brick-and-mortar location for Junju, his late night Korean pop-up. No word yet on who will be taking over his spot.

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