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All the Meaty Madness at Cochon's Heritage BBQ, By the Numbers

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We're talking hundreds of people, over 1,600 pounds of pig and countless drinks.

A look at the crazy crowds.
A look at the crazy crowds.
Marc Fiorito/Gamma Nine Photography

Cochon 555's Heritage BBQ made its San Francisco stop yesterday, bringing along an absurd amount of food and debauchery with it. The event, held at Magnolia Brewery in Dogpatch, pitted five local chefs against each other with the challenge to cook one whole, family farm-raised, heritage pig in six different ways for a group of 20 judges.

Dennis Lee (Smokestack, Namu Gaji), Geoff Davis (The Dock), Michael Rafidi (RN74), Nicolai Lipscomb (The Battery) and John Madriaga (Spruce) battled it out for judges like Thomas McNaughton (Central Kitchen), David Bazirgan (Dirty Habit) and more. Lipscomb ended up taking home the win of over $3,000 in prizes with his menu of pig head stew, pulled pork sliders, blood sausage and more, and the pulled pork slider was the clear crowd favorite as The Battery chefs roamed the crowd handing them out to help people avoid the long lines.

Other highlights included a smoked old-fashioned that let out the smoke when you opened the mason jar and a pig breakdown demonstration by a teenage wunderkind butcher. Here's a breakdown of all the action at the event, by the (incredibly high) numbers.

Number of attendees: 380

Pigs used: 8

Pounds of heritage breed pig consumed: Over 1,600

Number of Rappahannock River oysters shucked: 500

Bottles of bourbon (Breckenridge, Eagle Rare, Buffalo Trace, Westland Whiskey): 30

Bottles of wine (Scholium Project, Lando, Alysian): 128

Cases of Common cider: 22

Kegs of Magnolia beer: 25

Magnolia Brewing Company

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