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Good Eggs Launching iOS Ordering App Following Recent Downsizing

It’s the same shopping experience, but on your iPhone.

It's been a bit of a rough few months for Good Eggs, the grocery delivery startup designed to "bring the farmer's market to your door," who announced in early August that it would be significantly downsizing the SF headquarters and completely shutting down operations in Los Angeles, Brooklyn and New Orleans. The announcement was followed by the reality that employees would need to be laid off and vendors were left without the business that some of them had come to depend on ("I was in tears, I was so overwhelmed," one vendor recalled to Eater. "I couldn't believe it.")

Now, though, the company is trying to move forward from that moment (and put the nearly $53 million in funding it raised from big-name investors like Index Ventures and Sequoia to use), starting with today's launch of its iOS app, which it hinted at in the downsizing announcement. The app is similar to the online experience, with search informed by your order history, the ability to reorder past orders and add your favorites to a basket for easy access. Good Eggs said it made the change so that customers "can easily buy the local, seasonal ingredients they love to cook with, no matter where they are." The app is available as of this morning.