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There's a Lot of Lobster on Lobster ME's Opening Menu

Or you could get the lone hot dog, if you must.

Lobster ME in Las Vegas.
Lobster ME in Las Vegas.
Lobster ME/Las Vegas

Portland, Maine-import Lobster ME is bringing a ton of lobster rolls to San Francisco's Westfield Centre next week. You may have heard of the chain before from its locations in Maryland and Las Vegas (no, none in Maine). There are five different lobster rolls, including the SF-inspired "Golden Gate," which has miso sesame sauce and shredded nori, lobster melts, lobster mac and cheese and a curious-sounding "lobsicle." Check out the full menu below, of which the only non-lobster item is a hot dog.

Lobster ME's official opening day is Saturday, September 26, and they'll be giving a free Golden Gate lobster roll to the first 100 people for the first three days.