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Bluestem Brasserie Goes Full-On Jeff Banker With New Menus from the New Chef

Don’t get too attached, though — they’re changing again soon.

Chris M./Yelp

After Jeff Banker took over the Bluestem Brasserie kitchen back in May, Michael Bauer revisited the seasonal American restaurant and bumped it up a full star — and that was before Banker had completely redone the menu. As of yesterday, though, Bluestem has been completely Banker-ified and his new menus are fully in place. Both the lunch and dinner menus are super seasonal and draw a lot of inspiration from the farmer’s market, Banker told Eater, which means they will be changing pretty frequently. Right now, he’s most excited about the salmon tartare with compressed cucumbers, horseradish crème fraiche, salmon roe, dill and rye crisps. "I’m in the process of changing everything again because it’s fall," Banker said. "The seasons are changing, so ingredients are changing." Some classics, like the steak, won’t be going anywhere as the seasons change, but expect a pretty frequently rotating selection. Check out the current dinner menu below, at least for as long as it lasts.


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