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La Boulange to Become La Boulangerie de San Francisco?

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Someone registered the new business name at La Boulange's original Pine Street location. The rumor mill says it was Pascal Rigo.

The former La Boulange Pine Street location.
The former La Boulange Pine Street location.
Yelp/elisabeth p.

There have been so many rumors about the (now totally shuttered) La Boulange as of late. Will Starbucks take over all of the spots? Or will founder Pascal Rigo save the day by opening a similar concept in the empty locations? Hoodline has the latest about the mystery, reporting "a business filing dated Sept. 18th has registered a "La Boulangerie de San Francisco" at 2325 Pine St., the original La Boulange location."

Sure, there's nothing officially linking Rigo to this new business (the company is listed only as "Nouveau Bakery LLC"), but Hoodline has quotes from "trusted sources" and former employees all of whom say the same thing: they're not really allowed to talk about, but Rigo is involved, it's going to be something very similar to La Boulange, and the employees aren't worried about their jobs.

Furthering the rumors, someone in the Cole Valley Facebook group who is working with Rigo on a different project posted this morning that "[Rigo] won't say definitively what he's up to but he gave me a big smile and a wink when I asked about Cole Valley in particular."

If the grapevine is to be believed, the new concept will be open by mid-October. Stay tuned for updates on the case.