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Inside America's Second Boozy Taco Bell, Now Open Right Here in San Francisco

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Blame nearby neighbors for the current no-booze situation.

It's a momentous occasion for urban millennials around town: America's second Taco Bell Cantina, the concept geared toward that very demographic, is finally open in SoMa, right in the shadow of AT&T Park. The idea is a unique-to-the-neighborhood, tech-forward Taco Bell experience with the very exciting addition of alcohol, and the first one opened just two weeks ago in Chicago's Wicker Park to great success. The fast food mega-chain hopes the new concepts will woo millennials in high-foot-traffic city locations, and, of course, the booze doesn't hurt. Except the alcohol is not part of the SoMA location quite yet. It's been a rocky start with lots of protests from the community and even the police force, but location owner Randy Rodrigues (who owns 85 other Taco Bells) told Eater they hope to have the necessary permits in the next 30 to 45 days.

Here's what the location does have right now that makes it different from your average Taco Bell run: digital menu boards, a mobile-order pick-up window (cut the lines!), a patio, “shareable basket appetizers” like chicken fingers, chili cheese nachos and mini quesadilla nachos, upgraded furniture and hipster design elements like exposed brick and corrugated metal finishes. When beer and wine do finally become available, Rodrigues hopes to serve Dos Equiis, Anchor Steam and Firestone Walker 805 beers, stackable red and white wine and sangria. That's when we'll really be able to live mas.