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La Boulange Officially Lives On Through Pascal Rigo Resurrection

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The rumors are true! La Boulange is coming back.

The Union Street location, which is one of the six slated to return.
The Union Street location, which is one of the six slated to return.
Union Street Shop

It's been weeks of speculation about whether or not La Boulange hero founder Pascal Rigo would swoop in and save the citizens of San Francisco from a La Boulange-less life. Well, rejoice, because the rumors are true. Rigo finally confirmed that he plans to reopen six of his former locations (Pine Street, Fillmore Street, Union Street, Cole Valley, Hayes Valley and Noe Valley) starting this week, Inside Scoop reported. First up is Pacific Heights' Pine Street location, which will return to its former glory on Thursday, October 1 at 7 a.m. After that it's a steady rollout of one location per week, to be determined which goes when.

Brace yourselves, though, because there will be a few changes. First, as rumored earlier this week, the name is changing slightly to La Boulangerie de San Francisco. Second, the menu will not be exactly the same, with a slightly more "rustic feel," though Rigo assured that "some old favorites" will remain. One can only hope that includes the cereal bowls of lattes and breakfast potatoes. More details to come on this exciting news.