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La Boulangerie de San Francisco Reopening Pushed Back

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You'll have to wait until next week for your almond croissants.

The original Pine Street location, above, will be the first to reopen.
The original Pine Street location, above, will be the first to reopen.
Elisabeth P./Yelp

Pascal Rigo is busy readying the reintroduction of beloved brand La Boulange as La Boulangerie de San Francisco to the city, which is taking a little longer than he anticipated. Though the Pacific Heights location was originally scheduled to reopen today, Rigo now plans for Monday, with the Union Street store to follow the next week. Then, things will be back on track with one location to open per week.

"It’s nerve wracking for me because people are probably going to expect more from us than ever before," Rigo told Eater. "It's going to be more rustic than ever. It's exciting because every part of the menu from bread to morning pastries to sandwiches, salad and soup are going to be revamped, and that’s fun." You can expect big brioche slices "loaded with fresh fruit from the farmer’s market," new croissant shapes for a crunchier texture, different flavor canales and types of bread. What will definitely remain as you remember are almond croissants, croissant pudding, apple turnover and macarons. "When you get into the Boulangerie, it’s going to be the same feel, the same idea. We want to people to have a bigger smile than ever," he said. "It has worked for us very well in the past, and we hope it’s going to work for us now."