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Here's the La Boulange Closure Schedule You Don't Want to See

It's one after the other through September 18.

Union Street Shop

Despite rumors that founder Pascal Rigo may swoop in and save the La Boulange day, closures are continuing as planned for many stores. The Columbus, Market, Sunset, Palo Alto, Danville, Polk and La Brea stores have already shuttered, and it's just one after the next through September 18. Here's the official schedule:

Thursday, September 10: Hamilton, Sutter and Strawberry

Friday, September 11: Burlingame, West Portal, Lafayette and Walnut Creek

Thursday, September 17: Noe, California, Union, Fillmore and Dome

Friday, September 18: Hayes, Pine, Yerba and Cole

The closures are happening amid rumors that founder Pascal Rigo will be reopening some stores, possibly under a new name ("it's too early to say," Rigo said). Starbucks confirmed to us that something, indeed, is going on, saying that it "is in discussion with interested parties to transfer the leases for some retail locations currently occupied by La Boulange cafés in San Francisco" and that there should be more details after September 25. In the meantime, get to your favorite location while it's definitely still open.