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Zapata Mexican Grill Rolling Its Last Burritos After 22 Years in The Castro

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Once again, blame the city's rent.

Zapata Mexican Grill/Facebook

After 22 years in the neighborhood, The Castro's Zapata Mexican Grill is closing on October 15. In a Facebook post, Zapata said the landlord decided not to renew the lease. Owner Jorge Perez told Hoodline the decision was "somewhat expected as we have been operating with 1-year-at-a-time lease extensions for the past few years."

"We have truly enjoyed being a part of this amazing, vibrant community over the last 20 years," Zapata wrote on Facebook. "We loved seeing your families growing up and new friends joining the neighborhood. We will truly miss all of you and the whole magical rainbow of the Castro."

This may not be the last of Zapata, as owners are currently searching for a new location in the neighborhood, potentially 544 Castro Street, where Dante's Table used to be. Stay tuned for updates.

Zapata Mexican Grill

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