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Chile Pies on Church Street Closed to Expand the Empire Elsewhere

The bakery is, appropriately, expanding the Baker Street location.

Chile Pies lovers have been taking note this week of the Church Street's boarded-up shop — one tipster wrote us that there's "butcher paper taped over the windows" with "no explanation anywhere!" Fear not, Chile Pie-heads, the Church Street location has permanently closed, but only so it can expand the Baker Street location. You can see that progress above, which will be ready for business again this Saturday, September 12. Some reports have said it was because of high rent (which is usually the story in this town), but Chile Pies told us there was actually several months left on the Church Street lease, and it is just focusing efforts on better-performing locations (i.e. Baker Street and Guerneville, as well as Green Chile Kitchen, which has the same owners).

When it reopens, expect a bigger savory pie menu and the addition of cakes (which Chile Pies is bringing back due to high demand) like carrot with cream cheese frosting, red velvet, lemon poppyseed, cheesecake and more. All this news comes with a name change from Chile Pies to the ultra-fancy-sounding Chile Pies Baking Co.

Chile Pies & Ice Cream

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