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Peek Inside Black Bark BBQ’s Smoky New Fillmore Digs

Barbecue is back in the Fillmore.

Chef David Lawrence and co-owner (and wife) Monetta White have brought barbecue back to the Fillmore District, via Black Bark BBQ. After years of research around the country, Lawrence is debuting his version of San Francisco barbecue in a casual setting. A melting pot of techniques comprises the chef's style, including inspiration from Texas, the Carolinas and Kansas City.

The menu includes the chef's beloved ribs (which he honed across the street at his other restaurant, 1300 Fillmore), chicken, hotlinks, pulled pork and smokey Texas-style brisket. Sides are not an afterthought, including tender collard greens, mac n' cheese and baked beans. Beer and wine on tap will join the party, as well as a selection of ciders.

The interior, from architect Zach De Vito and Rubber Design, is light and airy (for a barbecue place), featuring concrete floors, dark walls and metal stools. A large window gives a glimpse into the kitchen, along a wall covered in playful sayings like "Every butt loves a rub" and "We like big butts." There'll also be an additional 15 patio seats when the weather is nice.

Black Bark will be open Wednesday-Sunday from 11:30am - 10:00 p.m. It officially opens tomorrow, January 13.