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Check Out COI's First Menu From New Chef Matthew Kirkley

The new menu is all his own.

The New Team COI: [L-R] Matthew Kirkley, Mark Mendoza and Nick Muncy
The New Team COI: [L-R] Matthew Kirkley, Mark Mendoza and Nick Muncy

As chef/owner Daniel Patterson announced that he would step down from his role as COI's executive chef, he also introduced new chef Matthew Kirkley as his replacement. It was a surprising move, given Patterson's devotion to his flagship restaurant, as well as the fact that Kirkley previously had no connection to the Bay Area. However, given Kirkley's talent as former chef of Chicago's L20 and Patterson's dedication to evolution, the move makes sense .

After a transition period in which Patterson and Kirkley shared the kitchen of COI, it is now time for the changing of the guard—Executive chef Kirkley will debut his new menu Friday, January 15. However, pastry chef Nick Muncy and wine director Mark Mendoza are still at their respective helms, tying together the team. When Eater spoke with Kirkley after his announcement as COI's heir apparent, Kirkley said he was excited to jump right in to a dining scene he said is "the best in the country bar none."

Check out the new menu below, which features a strong showing of local seafood (one of Kirkley's specialties):

The new menu price is $225 (plus an additional 20 percent service charge).