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Huxley Brings On Schroeder's Vet to Run the Kitchen

Chef Manfred Wrembel brings experience from Plum Bar and Incanto, too.

Patricia Chang

After Sara Hauman’s departure last week from Huxley, owner Kris Esqueda went on the offense to find a new executive chef. And turns out the man for that job is Manfred Wrembel. Wrembel has been cooking high-volume German food at Schroeder’s for the last two years, so this new post is a bit of a departure for him, but one that he’s “so excited” for. “This is beautiful. This is 28 seats — what chef wouldn’t like this?” he told Eater. “I think small restaurants like this, people are open to trying dishes out and having fun with things.” He plans to start slow with the food, adding familiar dishes like steak tartare, a burger and carrot soup before expanding out with housemade charcuterie, fermentation and more.

As for Hauman’s influence, Wrembel warns most things will change. “She has a hell of a reputation, and that’s nerve wracking alone to step in after Sara,” he said. The only thing Wrembel plans to keep the same is bringing in the bread from Jane, and he eventually hopes to partner with other neighborhood businesses, including perhaps Mr. Holmes during brunch service. Huxley will reopen for dinner next Tuesday, January 19 with Wrembel’s first menu ready to go.


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