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Gaylord Indian Restaurant Shut Down for Owing $9K In Past Rent

The landlord posted a sign on the door giving the restaurant three days to pay.

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Ed U./Yelp

Gaylord Indian Restaurant’s landlord, Boston Propertieshas shut down the lunch buffet spot for failure to pay rent. On January 15 the company posted a "three day notice to pay rent or quit" sign on the restaurant’s door, claiming the restaurant owes $9,503.10 in back rent. The restaurant is still not open, suggesting rent was never paid.

According to the restaurant's Yelp reviews, the restaurant has had some dicey moments lately, including a New Year's Eve party that was allegedly oversold and packed to the point of fire hazard. Eater has reached out to both Gaylord and Boston Properties for comment, but the notice says next steps include abandonment unless Gaylord sends a written notice to the landlord claiming its intent to pay and stay open, or if they do not pay, Boston Properties could sue. Stay tuned for more details.

Gaylord India Restaurant

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