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TBD Plans to Reopen as Fénix, a Full-Service Mexican Restaurant

There'll be sangria and taqueria-style food.

Julia Speiss

TBD is finally emerging from the ashes over a year after it suffered extensive fire damage in a devastating fire. Now, after the lengthy process of insurance claims is finished, Mercer Restaurant Group owner Matt Semmelhack and chef-owner Mark Liberman have decided to go a different route altogether, opening as a Mexican restaurant called Fénix in the former TBD space.

The name not-so-subtly refers to the Phoenix, a mythological bird symbolizing rebirth that burns and emerges from its own ashes, and is in reference to TBD's unfortunate blaze. Semmelhack attributes the shift in concept and cuisine to the growth of full-service Mexican restaurants in San Francisco, citing Cala as an example. Though the team restaurant is still in the early stages, Liberman will act as executive chef and plans a menu of shareable plates and small sides. The restaurant is currently slated to join the new wave of Mexican cuisine in San Francisco with an April opening.


1077 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103 (415) 431-1826 Visit Website