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Smitten Ice Cream Headed to Marina to Delight of Kids and Yoga Pants Wearers Alike

It’ll fill a much-needed ice cream gap.

The Hayes Valley location.
The Hayes Valley location.
Smitten Ice Cream
Eastman Ice Cream

Eastman Ice Cream | Photo courtesy of Smitten

Smitten Ice Cream is quickly expanding its empire to rule all of the Bay Area. Back in December, the liquid nitrogen-based ice cream chain announced a sixth location in the Mission, and following quickly on its heels will now be an upcoming location in the Marina.

Located at 2268 Chestnut St. — which, cutely, was home to Eastman Ice Cream in the 1930s and 40s — the new Smitten will be just like all the beloved others, surely pleasing local families, including that of owner Robyn Sue Fisher’s, as they live in the nearby Presidio. The space is so close to her home, that she’s referring to it as "her" Smitten. The only shocking part of this all is that it took this long. The Marina location is set to open this summer, which will up the city’s Smitten count to seven.