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Belcampo to Shutter Mission Butcher Shop

They took it over from 4505 Meats last June.

Jaylena P/Yelp

Belcampo Meats saved 4505 Meats' Mission butcher shop from closure six months ago. Now, the shop is closing anyway, as Belcampo CEO Anya Fernald announced on Facebook yesterday.

Fernald noted the difficulty of running a small butcher shop, saying that "full service butcher shops make sense only at very high volumes, and this shop did not have the potential to work within this strategy," given the petite nature of the space itself. The CEO also teased the announcement of a new project in March that will be more in line with the company's strategy of marketing "secondary cuts rather than middle meat." (The term "middle meats" refers to tender, premium cuts like filets and strip loins, which are only a small percentage of the meat that comes from a whole animal.)

The shop's last day is today (Wednesday, January 27), and everything in the store is 25% off. So run, don't walk, to snatch up some high-quality, discounted meats. And, stay tuned for more details on Belcampo's new project, whatever it may be.

4505 Meats Butcher Shop

1909 Mission Street, San Francisco, Ca 94103 (415) 525-4239