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Hot Sauce and Panko to Move Its Hot Wings to Old U-Lee Space in Nob Hill

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Its Inner Richmond building is being razed for condos.

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1468 Hyde St.
1468 Hyde St.
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Wing and waffle fry spot Hot Sauce and Panko has been going strong in the Inner Richmond for the past five years, but that winning streak is about to end. The restaurant recently got a letter from the city notifying it of its building’s upcoming demolition. "Folks, this is why we have to move," Hot Sauce and Panko wrote on Instagram next to a picture of the demolition notice letter. Although there is currently is no set timeline for the closure, it looks like there might be a happy ending on the horizon.

The wings destination has found a new home in the old U-Lee space at the corner of Hyde and Jackson Streets in Nob Hill. Tipster Sally K. has spotted signage for the spicy spot going up in former hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant, while owner Terrence Luk promises, "We are not closing but moving to another location (1468 Hyde St.) ... as soon as our permits are approved," via Yelp. "It is very hard emotionally to leave our loyal customers in the Richmond. We tried very hard to stay in the neighborhood but to no avail," said Luk.

However, its new neighbors in fine dining-saturated Nob Hill will likely welcome the reasonably-priced restaurant with open arms. Hot Sauce and Panko has confirmed that they should open in Februrary, depending on the smoothness of the permitting process with the city. Stay tuned for more updates.