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Fiddler’s Green Will (Sort of) Live Again

With new owners and a complete remodel, you may yet again dance on the bar.

Janice G./Yelp

The good news: After closing in late October after 24 years in Fisherman’s Wharf, Fiddler’s Green will shortly reopen. The confusing news: It’s unclear what to expect from this new version. According to bar owner Birute Cassidy, she closed Fiddler’s Green because the owner was selling the property. According to building owner Alex Kam Ho Lau, he never had intentions to sell the building, and Cassidy closed the bar to retire.

Lau and a few other Irish owners have formed a new company and applied for a liquor license transfer, and while they wait for the transfer to take place, they will be completely remodeling the bar. "They'll rebuild everything new," Lau said. "When you come in again, everything will be new." The bar will "99 percent" be called Fiddler’s Green, but his mysterious partners may change that too. As of now, Lau and his partners plan to reopen in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Stay tuned for updates.

Fiddler's Green

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