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Dandelion Chocolate Bulking Up Production With Mission and Tokyo Factories

The chocolate company will soon have two SF locations, as well as one in Tokyo.

Dandelion Chocolate

Dandelion Chocolate has some major growth plans. The confectionary is in the midst of building a massive Mission factory as a wholesale production space — which will increase production 10 to 12 times — set to debut early this year, in addition to its Valencia Street shop, as well as a satellite location opening shortly in the Ferry Building. Now, it’s adding another factory and shop in Tokyo. Come February 4, the Kuramae neighborhood will get to try the bean-to-bar sweets with a shop similar to the SF original with a cafe and store selling hot chocolate, pastries and chocolate bars, with the factory soon to follow. According to Dandelion spokesperson Jennifer Roy, "a ton of people" already buy the chocolate in Japan, so it’s a move that makes sense for the company. Dandelion Chocolate is following in the footsteps of Mr. Holmes, Tartine, Juhu Beach Club and Blue Bottle, which all recently expanded to Asia.

Dandelion Chocolate

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