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Tartine Cookies and Cream Sneakily Starts Scooping, Now Open

Ice cream pies, sandwiches and more

Tartine Manufactory
Tartine Cookies and Cream
Patricia Chang

Two months after the blockbuster opening of Tartine Manufactory, Chad Robertson and Liz Prueitt’s magical dreamscape of pastries and bread, it’s time to welcome Tartine Cookies and Cream to the fold, after a low-key opening today. The ice cream shop is Prueitt’s long-time fantasy come to life, filling a corner of the Manufactory with gorgeous ice cream machinery, Heath Ceramics ice cream bowls, and of course, the frozen stuff that dreams are made of.

The ice cream shop operates separately of the rest of the uber-popular breakfast, lunch, and (soon-to-be) dinner spot, with another entrance for ease of ice cream acquistion. Once at the counter, guests can choose from flavors of what Prueitt calls “frozen velvet,” soft serve from fancy Italian Carpigiani machines, made from the milk of local water buffalos. The milk is from Double 8 Dairy and is delivered daily, and blended with the milk of Jersey cows.

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At opening, four soft serve flavors are available: Askinosie dark chocolate ice cream, Ethiopian Yukro-infused coffee ice cream (with coffee from Coffee Manufactory), fior di Latte ice cream, and Concord grape sorbet. Prices are $5.75 for a cone with one topping, $3.50 for a small cup, and $5 for a medium cup with one topping. Unsurprisingly, Tartine’s toppings are the tops, with options like salty-spicy pineapple topping, and pistachio streusel. Three ice cream pies are on offer, including lemon ginger, peanut butter and jelly (concord grape sorbet swirled with fior di latte and topped with peanuts), and rocky road.

Fans of the hard stuff should keep an eye out for scoops in the future, with about six flavors on rotation; popsicles, more pies, and ice cream sandwiches will also make a debut. Prueitt says that most of her baked items (pie crusts, ice cream cones) are “wheat-free,” while dairy-free options are on the horizon as well.

Tartine Cookies and Cream is open daily from 11 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Tartine Manufactory

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