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Impossible Burger Woes, Texas-Style Tacos Are Out, and More A.M. Intel

Seven things to start your day

The burger
The Impossible burger
Impossible Foods

Impossible Burger is sort of impossible to get

Want an Impossible Burger? Yeah, so does everyone and their mother. Jardiniere has now started issuing tickets to keep up with demand of the meatless bleeding burger, Inside Scoop shared. Good luck getting one.

Austin taco bar calls it quits

It was over before it even started. The owners of Toast in Oakland had plans to change the restaurant to a Texas taco-themed spot called Austin, but they have scrapped those plans. They are now trying to sell the space, Inside Scoop reports.

Dear Mom makes some changes

Mission bar Dear Mom is reconcepting completely, changing its name, the food, and bringing in new games. Food options will decrease to just six options like tacos and other snacks, but no more burger. It’s spurred by profits, with owner Paul Bavaro telling Hoodline that they could be better. To be determined what that new name will be, but expect the word “crow” to make an appearance, as an homage to Bavaro’s past as a bartender at North Beach’s Crowbar.

SoMa’s Lone Star Saloon is here to stay

Two longtime Lone Star Saloon bartenders Charlie Evans and Bruce Jennison, along with Yayoi Mirande, have bought the 27-year-old gay bar, SFist reports. The bar was just granted legacy business status and secured a long term lease, so its future is strong.

Umami Burger has big expansion plans

Savory-focused burger chain Umami Burger, which has one SF location in Cow Hollow, has a new majority owner in sbe, and with that change comes an aggressive plan for growth that includes ten new locations per year for the foreseeable future. Read all about it over on Eater LA.

Yelp partners with Nowait

As of today, there’s a new feature on Yelp that allows users to put their name down on a wait list without showing up to the restaurant. That’s courtesy of a new partnership with the app Nowait. Through the Yelp app, you can now search by wait times near you and add yourself to the wait list, getting notified via text when the table is ready. Read more about it here.

Eater’s MOFAD city guides have started rolling out

Today Eater launched the first three Museum of Food and Drink City Guides, covering the immigrant food communities of Jackson Heights, Crown Heights, and Chinatown in NYC. The guides were made in partnership with the Museum of Food and Drink. Stay tuned for a Bay Area version.