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Sweets Week Starts Right This Second

It’s going to be a seriously sugary five days

Doughnuts from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse
Eater Archives

Monday morning just got a whole lot sweeter. It’s time to kick off Eater’s first ever Sweets Week, an entire five days dedicated to all the saccharine goodness the Bay Area has to offer. The best pies, croissants, and other gratuitous images of desserts will be featured all week long, so ready your sweet tooth for a wild ride. That means in addition to our regular coverage of breaking food and drink news, this week will include myriad posts on treats from pastries and baked goods to candies and desserts.

Take a look at some of Eater SF’s past theme weeks, which include the likes of Barbecue, Breakfast, Burgers, and Classic Restaurants of SF. And if you’ve got some sweet tips on the best places to get a sugar rush, let us know in the comments, via the tipline, or shoot us an email. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, follow along on the site, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

And away we go!

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