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Recipe Delivery Service Din Has Shut Down

Blame a crowded market

The Din logo
The Din logo

In a letter on its web site, delivery service Din announced that it has shut down. “It’s with a heavy heart that we share that October 21st, 2016 will be our final delivery day for Din,” founders Emily LaFave Olson and Rob Olson LaFave wrote. They continued:

Earlier this year we made some changes to our business model, in an effort to get the business profitable and healthy for the long term. Unfortunately we weren’t able to make that happen, and it brings us sadness that we can no longer serve you and help make it is easier to get in the kitchen and cook with your friends and family.

When explaining the closure to Eater SF, LaFave Olson named a crowded market and a shift in funding. “While we had achieved profitability on a unit-economic basis, our scale didn’t adequately offset the total operational overhead of our team,” she explained. And despite looking for a buyer, they were not able to find one.

Din was founded in August 2014, originally as Forage, following the Blue Plate business model of recipe ingredients sent to your home. It differentiated itself by using local restaurant recipes, from the likes of Bar Tartine, Tacolicious, and Gather. Then, in September 2015, Din raised $3 million in funding and expanded to Los Angeles. Now, a year later, Din has ceased operations.