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Quince Is the Only Three Michelin Star Addition of 2017

It’s been a long time coming

A sign on a brick wall that says “Quince.” Quince

This year’s Michelin stars are shining brightly, but none more so than at Quince, the only San Francisco restaurant to join the three star club this year. It’s been a long time coming for chef Michael Tusk and wife/co-owner Lindsay Tusk, who’ve been evolving the fine dining restaurant since it opened in 2003.

The restaurant began its path toward the stars after a move from its original location (now occupied by Octavia) in 2009, followed by a major renovation of the dining room in 2014. Then, over the summer of 2016, Tusk began a collaboration with Peter Martinelli of Sonoma’s Fresh Run Farms, increasing the flow of pristine, grown-for-Quince produce— something Michelin says could have helped boost them to three stars. “Michael Tusk has really upped his game in the execution, precision, and taste [at Quince],” Michelin’s International Director Michael Ellis told Eater. “He has fantastic product, very precise food and clarity in the flavors he uses.”

Michael Tusk at Fresh Run Farm

The tasting menu currently costs $220, which falls into roughly the same price tiers as fellow three-star restaurants Benu, Manresa, Saison, and the Restaurant at Meadowood. It is the sixth three star-restaurant in San Francisco, putting it at the same number as New York City, the self-described dining capital of the world, and joining 100 three-starred restaurants worldwide.


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