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NY Thinks Running Restaurants Is Expensive, and More A.M. Intel

Plus, Dungeness crab season is on track for now

Dungness crabs

Cry us a river, New York

The NY Times published a story yesterday on the cost of running a restaurant in New York City. They did the math on three large markets, including NY, LA and SF. “San Francisco, a smaller, volatile market that has responded to restaurant closings with a real estate plan that enables start-ups to hedge their bets,” reports the Times, also reporting that SF has the biggest decrease in independently owned restaurants since March 2015. Read on for the full downer report.

Prepare for a better Dungeness crab season, maybe

After last year’s disastrous crab season that was foiled by domoic acid, things are looking up. The season starts November 15 for the Central Coast region (from Morro Bay to the Russian River), and December 1 for the North Coast (from Fort Bragg to Oregon); right now the Department of Fish and Wildlife says that periodic tests for the toxin are “looking good,” so dust off your bibs and prepare for the feast.

Yesterday was a big day for Lazy Bear chef David Barzelay

Michelin Day is a big deal for SF chefs, but apparently chef David Barzelay had the biggest day of them all, welcoming his second son into the world hours after receiving word that his restaurant had earned a second star. Michelin inspectors tweeted that he received the call in the car on his way to the hospital. They want to name him “Bibendum,” though Barzelay’s wife might have a different opinion on the matter. Good luck, young Barzelay.

Real Talk: Where will people buy their toilet paper?

Real Food Company has abruptly closed its doors in Cow Hollow, due to what Hoodline reports is landlord troubles, after operating there since 1969. The lack of (and dwindling number of) small grocery stores in San Francisco is alarming to many residents, who find themselves going to great lengths to buy basic necessities.

Prepare for taco domination with Nopalito’s impending cookbook

Check out the tasty looking cover of Nopalito’s cookbook, which will hit shelves (or your doorstep in an Amazon box) on April 11. It will be filled with the restaurant’s signature dishes. Here’s the cover for your salivating pleasure:

Ten Speed Press

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