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How Beans Become Delicious Chocolate Bars at SF's Dandelion Chocolate

It takes some work

Dandelion Chocolate is tempered
Dandelion Chocolate is tempered
Patricia Chang

Dandelion has been making single origin, hand-crafted chocolate bars in the Mission since 2010. When they started, there were roughly 10 to 20 bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the country— now there are more like 200.

It's an involved process, from choosing beans directly from farmers to crafting the bars themselves. What sets one chocolate maker apart from another is much like what makes wines made from the same grapes so different: origins of the beans, the way farmers ferment the beans on the farm, the temperature and length of time at roasting, ratio of chocolate to sugar, and so much more. Dandelion's dedicated team does it all in their current Valencia Street location, which includes a cafe filled with drinking chocolate, baked goods, and handmade chocolates.

Take a look at how the company transforms beans into the luscious chocolate bars sold in their café.

Dandelion Chocolate

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