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Manresa Bread Grows Up, Some Minimum Wage Real Talk, More A.M. Intel

Four things to start your Tuesday

The new Manresa Bread
The new Manresa Bread
Stephanie McKinnie

Manresa Bread expands

The original Manresa Bread in Los Gatos has added 200 square feet to its space, making room for some seats, and a new full beverage program with an espresso bar. Lead barista Aevan Balan is pulling Santa Cruz-based Verve Coffee Roasters shots, Chico chai, kefir on top, and hot chocolate.

Some real minimum wage hike talk

San Diego mag’s Troy Johnson tackles the minimum wage topic, going on an intelligent rant about how the wage hike for tipped employees doesn’t make sense, and will very negatively affect many California restaurants very soon. Read all about it here.

Blue Apron

Yikes. Turns out there’s a dark side to Blue Apron’s meticulously packed meal kits. A new Buzzfeed feature has all the details on the chaos surrounding the Richmond warehouse.

Trader Joes's on Market delayed

Turns out the Market Street Trader Joe’s won’t arrive this October after all. Per SFist, the company has announced that it’s looking more like 2017 now, though it did not say why.

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