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Blue Bottle Coffee Retreats From Heath Ceramics Building

It probably has nothing to do with Tartine Manufactory

Blue Bottle
Blue Bottle at Heath Ceramics
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Just over a month after Tartine Manufactory opened its doors, Blue Bottle Coffee has announced that it will be shutting down operations at its adjacent kiosk in the Heath Ceramics building. Blue Bottle says that the kiosk, which has been open for four years, has simply outgrown its 250-square-foot environs, and is ready to make the leap to a larger space.

It’s an interesting that this particular location is considered an “expansion” of the Heath kiosk, and not just a closure and opening of a new store, since Blue Bottle has other new locations opening in the Bay Area and beyond. (The company also plans to open five new locations in Boston in 2017.) Clearly the advent of Tartine Manufactory (with whom Blue Bottle had a brief, failed merger), was a consideration; the South Park location opens soon and was announced in May so the decision to close the kiosk is rather new.

Regardless of why, the new spot will take over a 1,200-square-foot space formerly occupied by clothing store Jeremy’s at 2 South Park, designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. It will include an iced coffee bar, plus the larger food menu found at other Blue Bottles. And, the new location will have the same high-end coffee set-up as Tartine Manufactory: a MAVAM espresso machine made in Seattle.

The last day of operation for the kiosk at Heath will be Sunday, October 16; the new location at 2 South Park will open November 4, seven days a week from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Heath Ceramics

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Tartine Manufactory

595 Alabama Street, , CA 94110 (415) 757-0007 Visit Website