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WesBurger Now Has Its Own Teeny, Tiny Punch Bar Next Door

It’s called The Den, and is just 100 square feet

The Den Wes Rowe

WesBurger ‘N’ More owner Wes Rowe has been keeping a tiny secret — a 100-square-foot-sized secret, to be exact. Called The Den, Rowe’s newest venture is taking form in the shape of a punch bar directly next door to WesBurger. It’s a standing-room-only space, with capacity for just 15 people, but manages to have oversized character.

Designed by David Marks, nearly every surface of the room is covered in tchotchkes with Western touches, jungle themes, and lots of plants. Right now there’s a ledge running across the wall for resting your drinks, but a small high top table may emerge eventually.

As for those drinks, they’re low-ABV punches created by Claire Sprouse (Tin Roof Drink Community), whose cocktail consulting company is behind the programs at Tosca Cafe and The Bywater. She’s using Lo-Fi Aperitifs to make punches like the Bad Apple (Lo-Fi dry vermouth, apple cider, topo chico) and the Ginger Spice (Lo-Fi gentian amaro, pineapple, ginger beer, allspice). There’s also Funaguchi Kikusui Ichiban Shibori Yellow Can sake and bottles of Lone Star beer.

Future punches will come from other bartenders, with collaborations with restaurants, including one with next-door-neighbor Mission Chinese. Eventually a late night menu from WesBurger N’ More will add to the fun.

The Den will open on Friday, December 2, and starting hours will be Fridays and Saturdays from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.

WesBurger n' More

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