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New Ferry Building Farmers Market Tenants, and More A.M. Intel

5 things to know

Ferry Building stalls
Andrew D./Yelp

Please welcome some new Ferry Building Farmers Market vendors

With the departure of 4505 Meats at the Ferry Building Farmers Market comes the arrival of several new vendors, Inside Scoop reports. First up on Saturday, November 5 are Crumble & Whisk (cheesecakes), Kantine (Scandinavian-style smørrebrød), Rasoi (Gujarati/Western Indian foods), and Volcano Kimchi (vegan kimchi products). Saturday, November 12 brings Fifth Crow Farm (Pescadero produce) and Salt Pt. Meat Share (sausages and charcuterie). And finally, on Saturday, November 19, Jamnation will debut with, unsurprisingly, jam.

Williams-Sonoma now has a meal kit delivery service

Williams-Sonoma has entered the cutthroat world of meal-kit delivery. It’s partnering with Sun Basket to delivery organic, non-GMO meal kits, according to The Kitchn. They’re available online only and can be customized by dietary restrictions and length of time. Meals are about $11.49 per person.

Silicon Valley funds another delivery service

Chef-world crush David Chang (of the Momfuku empire) has turned to Silicon Valley for help with his delivery meal service, Ando. The New York Times reports that Chang has raised $7 million in venture capital funding in its first round, from investors like Forerunner Ventures

McDonald’s is forking over $3.75 million in lawsuit settlement

The lawsuit, which affects 800 workers, alleged that five Bay Area Mickey D’s franchises didn’t pay all earned wages in September of 2013, including overtime, required meal breaks and rest breaks, and cost of cleaning uniforms. McDonald’s is settling the suit rather than pay for more lawyers, but stresses that they’re not joint employers of independent franchisee’s employers; the employees had settled separately with the franchisees already.

Craft beer delivery service, BrewPublik, launches in Bay Area

Because we need more ways to spend money on subscription services, a craft beer delivery service has launched, complete with a “beergorithm” to help determine which beers a customer might enjoy. So for $20 a month (plus tax), you can now have six bottles of beer delivered to your home. (A better option: BrewPublik works with corporate clients to deliver beer for the whole office.)