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Illegal Antics Return to the Old Fizzary Space, and More A.M. Intel

Five things to know today

Fizzary Eric D./Twitter

The Fizzary space’s illegal antics are allegedly back

A year ago, it came out that there was an alleged illegal gambling den and gasoline generators over at the old Fizzary space on Mission. It appeared that the issue was sorted out, but now Mission Local reports that the gambling den is back, along with prostitutes, back-alley fights, and late-night parties. All the details can be found here.

Federal overtime regulations have been blocked

Just days before it was set to go into law, a Texas court has blocked President Barack Obama’s new overtime regulations. The regulations would have made an estimated 4.2 million Americans eligible for time-and-a-half overtime pay, many of them hospitality workers. Read all about the decision and what it means for restaurant workers here.

Uma Casa launches a Kickstarter

Looks like the highly-anticipated Portuguese restaurant Uma Casa needs to raise some late-stage funds, as it has launched a Kickstarter for $30,000. Chef/owner Telmo Faria tells Eater SF that some investors dropped out and/or gave less than they originally committed due to recent high-profile closures and news reports on staffing issues. But the restaurant is close to opening, and the money raised will specifically go toward payroll. If you’re interested in donating, head right this way.

Hayward’s Curry Corner departs, but not without proper attention

The Chronicle’s Jonathan Kauffman has penned a moving love letter to the soon-closing Curry Corner in Hayward. Pay your respects by reading it here.

A tribute to Noah’s Bagels

Berkeley’s Magnes museum recently showcased a Noah’s Bagels memorabilia exhibit titled, “The Bagel and the Archive: Celebrating Noah’s Bagels’ Legacy.” Berkeleyside has all the info, including a profile on how the nationwide bagel shop got its start right here in the Bay Area.