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Nobu to Hit Palo Alto in June 2017

It’s confirmed

Lure + Till
Lure + Till

After months of speculation, and following the departure of the restaurant’s chef, comes news that Palo Alto’s Lure + Till will be replaced by Nobu. The space in the bottom of Larry Ellison’s Epiphany Hotel will host Northern California’s first outpost of the scene-y sushi spot bearing the name of chef/founder Nobu Matsuhisa.

The last day of Lure + Till will fall on January 2, followed by a total redo of the kitchen and restaurant and a projected opening in June 2017. The move makes sense, considering the fact that PA Hotel Holdings, a company managed by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s Lawrence Investments, purchased the 86-room hotel and the ground floor commercial lease for a record $71.6 million in September 2015 (not to mention that Ellison is already an investor and partner in Nobu Ryokan, one of Nobu’s other hotel properties in Malibu).

The internationally-beloved restaurant chain originated in Beverly Hills, and now has over 30 locations and a devoted following of celebrities and wanna-be celebrities across the globe. It will likely be a perfect match for the tech elite of Silicon Valley, who will soon enjoy dining on sashimi tacos, and toasting the three commas club on Nobu’s patio.

Stay tuned for more details on opening, as they become available.