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COI's Longtime Pastry Chef Departs, Ushering in New Era

The new chef comes from Jardiniere, and starts in January

Nick Muncy’s peach, cherry, and cherry blossom dessert
Nick Muncy/Instagram

After over five years at Daniel Patterson’s flagship restaurant, COI, pastry chef Nick Muncy has announced his departure. His successor is Riley Redfern, who is joining the team after working as the pastry chef at Jardiniere.

“I’d been there for a lifetime in restaurant years,” Muncy told Eater. “I wanted to change things up, to keep pushing myself.” Muncy says he’s taking some time to relax and plan his next move, which will definitely be in the Bay Area. And naturally that includes the possibility of opening his own project in the future (stay tuned for more details on that).

Riley Redfern

Meanwhile, Redfern is also making a big move after over almost four years on-and-off on the pastry team at Jardiniere— a graduate of the California Culinary Academy, her resume also includes time at Quince, Le Marais, and Elizabeth Faulkner’s now-closed Citizen Cake. She will take over the pastry program in January, exactly one year after executive chef Matt Kirkley took over the kitchen from chef Daniel Patterson. Similar to Kirkley, Redfern’s style is also focused on technique. “Her classical training and background is similar to my own, which I believe will bring great harmony between the savory and sweet sides of the menu,” said Kirkley in a statement. “I can't wait to see what she does."

For her part, Redfern says “I like to keep things seasonal, and put an emphasis on technique.” To start, she plans to expand the mignardise program (“That’s my power zone.”) and nail down a “beautiful, technical” dessert, while continuing to develop Muncy’s pastry program. “I really admire his work, so this is a big opportunity to take over the pastry program at COI.” Stay tuned for more menu details in January.


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