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Acclaimed Philly Chef Marc Vetri Heads West With First California Restaurant

It’s in the newly reopened Palo Alto Anthropologie

Marc Vetri
Marc Vetri
Vetri Foundation

One of Philly’s finest chefs is coming to the Bay Area. Marc Vetri, who owns six restaurants back East with multiple awards, made headlines a year ago when he sold his restaurant group to Urban Outfitters (which also owns Anthropologie and Free People). Many questioned the partnership, but at least one great thing has come out of it: It’s now making it possible for Vetri to open a Bay Area restaurant.

Come November 18, the Palo Alto Stanford Shopping Center Anthropologie will open Terrain Cafe, and Vetri is overseeing the food, which is American classic cafe fare with Italian influences. Terrain is Anthropologie’s garden brand with locations in Pennsylvania and Connecticut that mix indoor-outdoor environments with an onsite nursery, restaurant, and cafe. Unlike other Urban Outfitter restaurants around the country, Vetri designed this menu from start to finish. He’ll be out here for the opening, but it’s unclear how long he will stay and how often he will visit.

Though details are still minimal, it’s enough to be excited that the Bay Area is adding yet another prominent chef to its mix.