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Restaurant Damaged as Part of Anti-Trump Protests in Oakland

A Mitsubishi dealership also suffered damage

Calavera pre-vandalism
Patricia Chang

Last night’s election results were a bit of a doozy, whichever way your heart’s desire swayed. Inevitably, people took to the streets of the East Bay following Secretary Clinton’s concession to Trump, chanting “Not my president!” and marching down Telegraph and Broadway Ave.

Windows of local restaurants, including Calavera, were smashed along the way, as trash cans were kicked into the street and lit on fire. The 12th Street BART station was temporarily shut down as a safety precaution to riders; meanwhile a protestor was struck by a car on Highway 24 as protestors attempted to shut down the major roadway.

Did you see any other restaurants damaged in Oakland or elsewhere? Let us know in the comments.


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