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Starline Social Club Now Doubles as Oakland Tea Parlor

Featuring light lunch and Steep Tea Company beverages

Starline Social Patricia Chang

Starline Social Club, which we previously described as a “constantly evolving interactive art installation— albeit one with a full kitchen, bar, and 350-person ballroom and music venue,” is at it again. This time the Oakland hub for creatives has partnered with Molly Gaylord and Karina Vlastnik of West Oakland-based Steep Tea Company for something they’re calling the “Oakland Tea Parlor.”

For Starline, which hosts a diverse array of music and art shows, food pop-ups, and dance parties, this is another way to support local artisans through a unique offering. Now diners can stop by the 100-year-old building for a pot of tea and light lunch fare (accompanied by wifi, for the freelancers and work-from-home crowd), then return later for an evening of swing dance or late night electronic music. Adding to the allure, the Parlor will show vintage movies at 12:30 p.m.; this week, December 12-16, the featured entertainment will be Twin Peaks.

tea and lunch at the parlor

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The menu is from chef Nate Berrigan-Dunlop, an Oakland native who’s spent time in the kitchens of Penrose, and Bay Wolf, and whose mother was an original co-founder of Arizmendi Bakery. Since he joined the Starline team six months ago, Berrigan-Dunlop has been quietly revamping the menu, adding dishes inspired by his connections with local purveyors like Riverdog Farms and Brokaw Avocados; the squid and avocado salad with fermented kiwis, honey, lime juice, and olive oil is a prime example.

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For the Oakland Tea Parlor, Berrigan-Dunlop has added a short menu of dainty tea food with an Oakland punch: shrimp cocktail, vegan butternut squash soup with pepitas (creme fraiche optional), tea sandwiches with choice of egg salad or smoked salmon, and more.

Oakland Tea Parlor runs Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.