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Group of Dudes Predictably Represents USA in Food Competition, and More Intel

Four things to know today

Bocuse #TeamUSA Brings The #silver #tourdebocuse To Sponsor @WilliamsSonoma In The Time Warner Center At Columbus Circle Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Williams-Sonoma

Bocuse D’or men’s club was in full effect at In Situ last night

Team USA is finishing up their preparations and training as they head to the Bocus D’or next month in Lyon, France, with hopes of repeating 2015’s historic achievement of a silver medal. It’s a fiercely competitive event known as the culinary olympics, involving highly skilled chefs from around the world who train for an entire year in California. America’s representation is a bunch of dudes (see photo), led by Thomas Keller, head coach Phillip Tessier (former chef de cuisine at The French Laundry), and other esteemed chefs. Last night an interactive session and dinner with the team was held at In Situ, with a panel hosted by the Chron’s food editor Paolo Lucchesi, and food from the likes of Joshua Skenes (Saison), Corey Lee (Benu), Matthew Kirkley (COI), and Roland Passot (La Folie). Good luck, guys!

Grocery Cafe has been temporarily closed by Oakland Health Department

The hole-in-the-wall Burmese restaurant was closed after a November inspection, with violations related to inadequate dishwashing and handwashing stations, and a food-handler’s permit issue. Anyone who’s visited the restaurant, which is nestled in a residential neighborhood, has likely noticed that the building is very old, and in need of some upgrades. Lue fears that a recent crackdown as a result of the Ghost Ship Fire might mean inspectors will enforce expensive upgrades that would force him to move. Lue hopes to reopen in December, according to Luke Tsai of East Bay Express.

Premier Cru owner and con artist will face lower jail time for cooperation

Following one of the largest defaults in American wine retail history, Berkeley’s Premier Cru owner John Fox will soon be sentenced in federal court today, for running what was basically a Ponzi scheme. Upwards of $45 million dollars were embezzled from 4,500 people, Berkeleyside reports. Now, because Fox has admitted his guilt and ratted out a woman who extorted him for $240,000 after they had sex, the 66-year-old might get a reduced sentence of 78 months in prison.

Get jiggly raindrop cakes delivered to your door

The crazy Instagrammable raindrop cake that hit New York like a jiggly hurricane is now available via delivery through Goldbely. Or, go to San Jose and get one for yourself. at Moo Bar, your choice.

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