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Mister Jiu’s Is the Top Restaurant Newcomer of 2016

The openings that mattered most, according to the city’s top food writers

Mister Jiu’s
Mister Jiu’s
Patricia Chang

Welcome to Year in Eater 2016, Eater’s annual ritual of eulogizing the past 12 months through input from the city’s top food writers. For 2016’s final week, we’ll be posting questions daily about the Bay Area’s restaurant scene in the past year, with answers from those who know it best. First up: What were the top restaurant newcomers of 2016?

Hillary Dixler, Eater National senior reports editor

Tartine Manufactory, Single Thread, Mister Jiu’s

Pete Kane, SF Weekly food critic

It’s tough enough to limit this to 20, but to pick five, I’d go with In Situ, Leo's Oyster Bar, Nightbird, 'Aina, and Bellota.

Rebecca Flint Marx, San Francisco magazine food editor

Nightbird, Mister Jiu's, The Morris, Tawla, In Situ, Sababa, Single Thread, Motze

Tartine Manufactory
Tartine Manufactory
Patricia Chang

Anna Roth, Eater contributor

Tartine Manufactory and Mister Jiu’s continued to define California cuisine, and In Situ is a remarkable concept, something truly new. And SF is lucky to now have Mensho Tokyo’s tori paitan in its midst.

Trevor Felch, Zagat SF editor

In Situ (but the atmosphere makes you want to fall asleep), Tawla, Single Thread, The Treasury, Mister Jiu’s, Babu Ji’s, Mason Pacific part 2, Cadence (I loved it).

Luke Tsai, East Bay Express food critic

In the East Bay, I loved two new Japanese restaurants: Delage and Hina Yakitori.

Jay Barmann, SFist editor

Tartine Manufactory, which is no real surprise, but dinner there is going to be a treat for years to come I think, and I’m still dreaming about that ribeye steak. And Nightbird, which is a welcome, cozy addition to Hayes Valley and a great first SF venue for a seasoned and talented chef, Kim Alter.

Patricia Chang

Carolyn Alburger, Eater cities director

Ijji has a really nice balance between great fish, some unexpected twists, and an unpretentious but serene atmosphere. I was sad when they went to an omakase-only format because it makes it less of an accessible neighborhood spot. Also a shoutout to Tawla, Nightbird, and Mister Jiu’s.

Marcia Gagliardi, Tablehopper

The Morris (YES!), Mister Jiu’s, Nightbird, Nomica, Tartine Manufactory, Tawla, Bellota, In Situ, and The Saratoga is a beaut. Happy to see our innovative Indian options picking up with August 1 Five and Babu Ji. And I’m so pleased Alfred’s Steakhouse had a reboot and is going to still be with us.

Paolo Lucchesi, The Chronicle food editor

No restaurant is (or was) more important to a larger community than Joe’s of Westlake. It’s a restaurant for a city, for a neighborhood, for generations. It’s hard to overstate how much it matters to Daly City.

Ellen Fort, Eater SF editor

This year was full of openings that were years in the making. Those responsible for writing Most Anticipated restaurant roundups were relieved to see that not only did Mister Jiu’s, Bellota, The Saratoga, Tartine Manufactory, Nightbird, Single Thread, In Situ, and The Morris open, but they were also incredibly worth the wait.

Stefanie Tuder, Eater SF senior editor

Bellota for its all-around stellar dining experience. Mister Jiu’s for its craveable, addictive food. Single Thread for its awe-inspiring attention to detail. Popsons for nearly filling the Shake Shack-sized hole in my heart.

The Dapper Diner, local blogger

Bellota, Mister Jiu’s, Nightbird, In Situ, and The Morris