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Mr. Bing’s Is Clean Now, and More A.M. Intel

Your last morning dispatch of 2016

The sign is still there though.
The sign is still there though.
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Mr. Bing’s is clean now and people are unhappy

Noted North Beach dive bar and Anthony Bourdain-approved drinking location Mr. Bing’s has been scrubbed of its dingy charm, SFist reports. Local grime aficionados seemed positively baffled that the bar’s new owner Peter Cooper reneged on his promise to keep Mr. Bing’s as-is, but a former employee of Cooper’s says they’re all just bandwagon haters. Anyhow, the triangle bar is gone now and there’s more standing room.

Dungeness fishermen are in a pinch

The crabbers of Humboldt County — who could account for up to half the season’s catch — have tied up their boats in protest after one of their wholesale buyers slashed prices, the Chronicle reports. Fishermen from Bodega Bay up to Oregon and Washington State are joining the protest in solidarity, but its unclear how the strike will affect local crab prices at the moment.

Popsons burgled

Owner Alvin Garcia tells Facebook what happened when “an a@&hole” broke into Popsons Burgers: the culprits stole a safe “filled with all types of goodies including cash and computers as well as staff tips.” The suspects were caught on camera though, so it’s on the SFPD to get Popsons out of this particular pickle.

Souvla Valencia opens January 16th

The third location of immensely popular Greek fast-casual spot Souvla arrives on Valencia Street in the middle of January. To celebrate, 100 percent of opening-day sales will benefit the Women’s Building.

Poquito closes after six years in the Dogpatch

Third street tapas/empanada/ceviche bar Poquito has closed, Hoodline reports. The space opened in 2010 and the owner told the Examiner back in 2012 that he preferred the low-key neighborhood at the time because it allowed him to build a rapport with the neighbors.


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