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Hecho Will Become Hecho Cantina in 2017

Expect the Castro Mexican spot to get a little more casual in the new year

More bar, less restaurant.

Castro Margarita brunch spot Hecho will start off 2017 with a little different vibe. As SFist reports today, owners Jesse Woodward and Dana Gleim (also of Hi Tops, across the street) plan to briefly close the restaurant for renovations starting on Monday, January 2nd and will re-open as the more casual, drinks-forward Hecho Cantina a few days later. While the cocktails, including those excellent pinche picante margaritas, are expected to stay the same, the dining room will be going away to make the bar a more hangout-friendly space.

That means the dining tables will get swapped out for high-tops, a pool table and pinball machines, as well as a “hangout area.” Although Chef Cory Armenta is staying on board, his popular brunch will disappear from the newly truncated bar food menu. The decor, according to Gleim, will also get freshened up with “some color and texture.”

"I think in our minds we don't see it so much as changing Hecho,” Gleim told SFist, “but more evolving Hecho's concept to better suit the neighborhood."

The minor shuffle is actually the second time Gleim and company have tweaked the concept. The restaurant originally opened as Bandidos in 2014, but quickly changed its name after the original was deemed offensive to some.


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