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Barbecue Restaurant Adds to Flurry of Post-Oakland Fire Questioning

The owner of Everett and Jones held a press conference to voice concerns

Everett and Jones at 126 Broadway, Oakland, CA
Everett and Jones

Following the devastating warehouse fire in Oakland last Friday that killed 36 people, city officials and residents have been evaluating the loss of life within the creative community. It’s caused a close examination of these spaces that often host underground music, food, and art events, like the “Ghost Ship,” which was destroyed in Friday’s fire, that are often safe havens for artists, musicians, and the LGBT community.

As a result, Dorothy King, owner of Everett and Jones Barbeque, held a press conference today to specifically call attention to a similar space adjacent to her business at 411 2nd St, known as The Salt Lick, an arts and entertainment venue according to Google Maps.

East Bay Express Editor in Chief Nick Miller was in attendance, and captured the statements and following questions via Periscope (see below for the full video). During the press conference, King said the purpose of the meeting was to put pressure on the city, and not to evict residents from these spaces. Press and attendees of the conference pushed back aggressively following King’s statements, saying that calling a press conference without speaking to the residents was not the right way approach the situation.

Meanwhile The Salt Lick Collective (411 2nd St., Oakland) has issued a statement regarding King’s accusations of unsafe conditions, saying that King has not responded to requests for a meeting. Read the full statement below:

The statement indicates that there is still a discussion to be had regarding the safety of The Salt Lick, which claims to offer multiple walkways and a fire escape in case of emergency. Stay tuned for more details on the situation.

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