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10 Things to Know About Mensho Tokyo, SF's Newest Ramen Shop

1. You should go.

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2. Mensho Tokyo is one of Japan’s most acclaimed ramen bars, focusing mainly on the most popular style of tonkotsu, a porky, rich, nearly opaque broth.

3. Its first expansion outside of Japan is right here in good old SF, which owner Tomoharu Shono said is "most suitable as a place to send culture of the ramen to."

4. Shono is really intense about ramen. "The ramen cook pours his love into the ramen. The customer is embraced and moved by that love. This is the definition of true ramen. Ramen is always bubbling with the love of all," he actually wrote in text that adorns the wall.

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5. The shop, located in the Tenderloin at 676 Geary St, was originally expected to open in May, but, San Francisco.

6. The restaurant opened Saturday, February 6 with three styles of the soup: ramen (the style you’re used to), tsukemen (noodles served separately) and mazesoba (brothless noodles). There are several types within each category, and there’s even a vegan version.

7. Beyond the norm, Shono is known for his more unusual bowls, like the chocolate lamb version he’s currently serving up in Tokyo. He’s also been known to add foie gras and truffles as ingredients.

8. To say people are psyched is an understatement. Lines stretched to two hours long at the grand opening, and it’s been mobbed ever since.

9. General consensus among Yelpers (yes, take it with a grain of salt) so far is that this is "the best ramen I’ve ever had." Except… it’s also $18 a bowl.

10. Mensho Tokyo is open Tuesday through Sunday from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m., or, as they say, "until soup runs out."

Mensho Tokyo

676 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102 (415) 800-8345 Visit Website